Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?
We cannot give an estimate for landscape installation or maintenance work without first visiting the site to measure and see the existing site conditions.

Is there a charge for an initial visit?
There is no charge for an initial meeting to prepare a weekly maintenance proposal. We have a $125 consultation fee that is charged for design and installation work. This fee will be credited toward your overall project if it develops into an installation project after the initial visit.

Do you have a minimum job amount or size?
We do not have a set minimum amount but generally the following guidelines are a good gauge of a minimum project size:
            Monthly maintenance fee – $400 per month
            Minimum installation amount – $10,000

Do you set meetings on evenings or weekends?
Typically, we set meetings during weekday business hours from 8:00 to 5:00. If necessary, evening and weekend meetings can be set depending on the availability of the project manager.

Do your landscape architects charge a design fee? How is it applied to the project if I contract with you for the installation?
Our hourly design fee is $100 and an estimate of fees will be provided at the initial consultation. Part or all of these fees may be credited toward the installation of your project.

Do you warranty the plants you install?
We have a 1 year warranty on the plants we install as outlined below and as written in your installation contract:

Plant Warranty – Outdoor Expressions warranties the following plant material:

  1. New trees and plant material in 1 gallon or larger containers for a period of one (1) year from completion with a one-time replacement policy.  Warranty is void if plant material does not receive adequate water.
  2. Plants stolen from site which have not been planted. Plant Warranty is void if payment schedule is not strictly adhered to.

Exceptions to Plant Warranty – Outdoor Expressions does NOT warranty the following:

  1. Negligence or Acts of God; (i.e. improper watering practices, cold damage, high winds, fire, dogs, vandalism, etc.);
  2. Transplanted and Client/Purchaser provided plant material.

Are you licensed and insured?
We are fully licensed and insured to do business in any aspect of the landscape industry in Georgia including design, installation and maintenance.

Can you give me references?
A list of commercial and residential references is available upon request.