Lawn Watering Hacks to Use This Summer

Posted on August 28th, 2015 by
Here are a few lawn watering “hacks” that you should know. ©

Here are a few lawn watering “hacks” that you should know. ©

For many homeowners, the easiest way to deal with a lawn is to try to over-water into health. This technique is not the most environmentally sensitive way to handle the problem. With that thought in mind, here are a few lawn watering “hacks” that you should know:

Water at Night – Aside from the fact that the midday sun will cause the majority of your water to evaporate before it can be incorporated into the plant, watering during the day can also cause quite a bit of leaf and stem damage.

Water “Deep,” Not Often – One large soaking is far more beneficial than a half dozen partial ones as the water will work its way down to the roots and not just lay on the ground.

Water the Lawn – Most people unwittingly water their walkways and patios while caring for their lawns. To solve this problem, simply ensure that your sprinklers are aimed in the right direction and cover the most profitable ground possible.

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