Create an Entertainment Space in Your Commercial Landscape

Posted on August 7th, 2015 by

When thinking about the landscape design for your property, don’t just consider flowerbeds and ornamental trees.  You can use your landscaping to create entertainment spaces for your tenants and their employees or customers to utilize.  Entertainment amenities add both real and perceived value to your property, and could make the difference in a competitive rental market. Here are just two suggestions on how to create one of these spaces on your commercial property:

Eclectic Landscape by Other Metro Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Secret Gardens via Houzz

Add Some Covered Seating – Whether it is used for informal dining, taking a smoke break or having an ad hoc meeting, a covered seating area will be useful for almost every one of your commercial tenants.

Utilize Your Roof Space – Often overlooked, the roof of a commercial building offers a tremendous amount of room and excellent views of the surrounding area. Consider adding some deck space up there for people to relax.  Community gardens are trending features and could make a big difference in employee lifestyles.

Install a Water Feature – A fountain or waterfall combines visual, auditory and tactile sensations that will enhance the entrance to any commercial building. It also provides a nice waiting area for visitors.

For further information on this topic and on commercial design firms in the Atlanta and surrounding Fulton County area, please visit us online or phone directly to 888-210-1116. Outdoor Expressions – Making your outdoor space a place to remember.

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