Sneak More Life Into Your Commercial Property's Hardscaping

Posted on August 5th, 2015 by

Sometimes a commercial building just needs a small amount of creativity along its hardscapes to move it from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary. Here are a few suggestions to help you accomplish this transformation:

Landscape by Harrisburg Landscape Contractors Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association via Houzz

Soften the EdgesHardscapes need not necessarily be all about the stone or wood of the pathways. Instead, try adding some plants along the edges to soften the lines and create a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Add An Unconventional Planting Bed – Flower beds are typically added around the perimeter of a walkway or terrace. To create a little more interest, try installing one in the middle of a path or as a focal point along the way.

Include a Tree or Two – In addition to adding some shade along the path, a tree or two will also add visual interest. Just don’t plant them off to the side. Instead include them right in the middle of the path.

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