Fill Your Landscaping With the Right Annuals

Posted on July 24th, 2015 by

Though they have to be updated every year, the planting of annuals as opposed to perennials is one of the most distinctive ways to create a new flavor in your yard every year. Her are a few suggestions on which ones to use depending on what you want to accomplish:

Craftsman Landscape by Houston Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers David Morello Garden Enterprises, Inc. via Houzz

Sun vs. Shade – Most annuals – coleus, impatiens, alyssum and polka dots, for example – prefer full sun. For shaded areas, try plants such as fuchsia, balsam, oxalis and impatiens.

Dry vs. Damp – Not many annuals – Mexican sunflowers and zinnias are some of the more notable exceptions – prefer dry conditions. Instead, annuals prefer moist, dark earth that is well drained.

Spring vs. Summer – The final factor to consider is the part of the year when you will be planting the annual. At the beginning of spring, concentrate on salvia, lantana and milkweed. At the end of the season, try petunias, violets and pansies.

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