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Line Your Company's Steps With Beautiful Plants

Posted on November 26th, 2014 by

The steps leading into your company’s place of business serve a dual purpose. Functionally, they convey your visitors from one elevation to another while also creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Here are a few suggestions for making them a little more eye-catching:

commercial landscaping tips

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Use Planters as a Border

Planters are effective as they act as a low barrier and help keep your visitors on the proper and safe path into your building as well as provide a little bit of welcoming greenery and color.

Incorporate Plants into the Step

There are numerous plants – creeping Jenny, Santa Barbara Daisy and Berkeley Sedge to name a few – that will get into every nook and cranny of your steps and can withstand the constant abuse of being on a footpath. It’s an interesting  and somewhat rustic look.

Try a Hedge as the Riser

No doubt, this type of stairway will keep you or your gardener busy but using a small hedge as the riser of the stairway makes for a decidedly dramatic statement.

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The Value of a Good Landscaping Job on a Home

Posted on November 21st, 2014 by

Whether the average homeowner believes it or not, real estate professionals know that a superior landscaping job can add up to 15% to the total value of a home. Here’s how it’s done:

gardening in Atlanta homes

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Diversify Your Plants

People love variety and having a lot of different plants scattered about your property makes it more interesting.

Aim Higher

Good landscaping is not all about flowers. The right combination of shrubs and trees can make all the difference when it comes to highlighting your lawn and your home.

Add Stone Accents

A few well-placed boulders as well as smaller stones as accents can make your outdoor décor. Use it sparingly to highlight a particular plant.

Complement the Driveway

As necessary as it is, the driveway into most homes can be relatively boring. A set of planters can add real value to one of the most viewed pieces of your property.

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Add New Garden Touches This Fall

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by

For the knowledgeable gardener, preparing one’s landscape for next year’s spring season begins right now. In fact, this is the best time to add a few new garden touches to enhance your backyard landscape. Here are just a few suggestions:

autumn gardening tips

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Clean Up the Yard

Removing the last of the dead leaves and as many of the new weeds as possible can significantly update the look of a fall garden. Also, add some mulch or crushed stone to tidy up any of those bare looking areas.

Rotate in Some Color

Autumn is the ideal time to bring those potted summer plants indoors and place some hardier ones in their place. Verbena, Sedum and Lamb’s Ear are just three of the plants that tolerate the cooler temperatures of the fall season and can add color and texture to your outdoor spaces.

Go Tall

Late autumn is also the best time to transplant shrubs and trees. Add some to gain a little height in the garden and create a layered effect.

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What Your Lawn Needs in Fall Weather

Posted on November 13th, 2014 by

While most of your lawn care is done in the spring and summer, the fall season gives you one last chance to prepare your lawn for and keep it healthy over the coming winter season. Here are two things that you need to do:

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Fertilize for the WinterA week or so after you mow your lawn for the last time, it is time to do add a good slow-release fertilizer to keep the lawn fed during the coming months. It’s best to use the granular variety as opposed to the liquid ones as they last longer and release nutrients more slowly.

Aerate and Seed – The winter season is hard on all plants including weeds so it’s the ideal time to spread new lawn lawn seeds and let them gain a foothold. Aerating your lawn is also good idea as there will be a lot of ground cover in the coming months.

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Take Care of Landscape Planting in Autumn

Posted on November 7th, 2014 by

The autumn season is an excellent time to get a jump on your spring gardening chores. In particular, planting bulbs, dividing perennials and moving trees are just some of the things that will yield huge dividends in a few short months when the weather begins to warm up again. Here are some things to do:

Landscape Planting in Autumn

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Plant Annuals

While the cooler weather makes it a great time for the planter to get some things done, it is also necessary for the plants themselves. Annuals require a cold spell in the ground to properly set their internal timing for the spring.

Divide Perennials

Now is the time to divide those perennials and conquer the bare spots in your landscape.

Transplant Trees

Late November is really the last opportunity to move your trees around without significantly risking their overall well-being. Also, especially if its cold, do not skimp on doing the proper “groundwork” when transplanting your trees.

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5 Things Your Georgia Landscaping Needs This November

Posted on November 5th, 2014 by

While most homeowners think that the time to think about their landscape has passed, More prudent ones understand that laying a firm foundation now will not only improve the look of their landscape but will save them a significant amount of work in the spring. Here are five things you should do right now to accomplish this goal:

things your Georgia landscaping needs

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Plant Your Bulbs – There are a whole host of plants including camellias, tulips and lilies that need to be planted now so that they can “overwinter”in the ground in preparation for blooming in the Spring.

Divide your Perennials – What gardener doesn’t love free flowers? Now is the time to double your inventory by cutting your perennials in half and planting some in a new area.

Service Your Mower – While you won’t need your lawn mower anymore this year, your mower will definitely benefit from having the gas drained, an oil change and a thorough cleaning.

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