Landscaping Care Can Create Less Waste

Posted on August 27th, 2014 by

Taking care of your lawn and landscape definitely requires some time and effort. Still, you may be needlessly causing yourself aggravation and extra work by doing things that are unnecessary. Here are a few things to avoid:

landscape maintenance

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Mowing the Lawn Too Often – First, don’t give you lawn a severe “haircut.” Instead, only shear it to a length of two to three inches. Allowing it grow long retains an appealing aesthetic look and also keeps the lawn healthy and weed resistant.

Watering at the Wrong Time – It is no secret that water must get to the plant to be effective so there is no use in watering during the daylight hours and the hottest parts of the day or evaporation will have a significant effect. Simply put, water at night.

Aerating Less than Needed – Oxygen and nutrients also need to make their way into a landscape. Twice-yearly aeration is the best way to accomplish this task. In the end, it means less watering and less fertilizing.

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