Great Bird-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Posted on August 21st, 2014 by

While the flora is king in any landscape, it doesn’t hurt to add a little avian interest to the equation. Here are a few ideas for attracting our fine feathered friends to your backyard and making them feel right at home.

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Provide a Shelter

Nothing attracts a mother bird looking for a nest than a safe and secure shelter for its eggs and young. Add several around the yard and you will soon have several avian families in the neighborhood.

Add Some Water

For bathing, as well as for drinking, a shallow dish replenished often with fresh water is quite enticing for almost every species of bird. Keep it off the ground, however, and away from trees where predators may lurk.

Feed Safely

Similarly, bird feeders with seed or sugar-water for hummingbirds are an excellent way to attract birds to a yard. Keep them high and strung with wire so squirrels and other pests cannot reach the food.

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