Design Your Landscape to Enjoy the Stars

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by

While most backyards are used during the daylight hours, the nighttime also offers some spectacular benefits to the homeowner who can take advantage. Here are a just a few suggestions for designing your landscape to enjoy the stars and the nighttime sky.

Leave an Unobstructed Space 

Obviously, the first thing that you need to enjoy the stars is an unobstructed view. Shade is wonderful during the day but leave a space where one can see the night sky without the distraction of limbs and leaves.

Make It Comfortable to Look Up

Relaxing on some full-length lounge chairs makes a great way to enjoy a view of the stars. Even better, add some double-wide ones so that a loved one can lay beside you.

Use Low-Level Lighting

Nighttime entertaining requires a little extra effort when it comes to lighting but, if not done properly, it can ruin the nighttime viewing experience. Keep the lights low to the ground and at a wattage just enough to light the floor.

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