Keep Common Pests at Bay Without Cruelty

Posted on August 12th, 2014 by

Let’s face it, they are called pests for a reason as they cause all sorts of problems in the average landscape. Still, there is no need to be unnecessarily cruel when ridding your property of them. Here are a few suggestions for doing it humanely:

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Get a Dog – While your little chihuahua or your lovable sheepdog may not be a true killer, their mere presence is enough to scare off a wide variety of pests including squirrels, raccoons and even some species of birds.

Use Appropriate Plants – Animals have a far greater sensitivity to the smells and tastes of certain plants than do humans. Planting cayenne pepper, garlic, chives or basil will keep your yard free of many pests such as mosquitos and gnats.

Eliminate Non-Essential Attractants – Keeping your compost pile as far from the house is a good start but also do not place pet bowls with either water or food anywhere near the living space or you will attract pests.

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