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Landscaping Care Can Create Less Waste

Posted on August 27th, 2014 by

Taking care of your lawn and landscape definitely requires some time and effort. Still, you may be needlessly causing yourself aggravation and extra work by doing things that are unnecessary. Here are a few things to avoid:

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Mowing the Lawn Too Often – First, don’t give you lawn a severe “haircut.” Instead, only shear it to a length of two to three inches. Allowing it grow long retains an appealing aesthetic look and also keeps the lawn healthy and weed resistant.

Watering at the Wrong Time – It is no secret that water must get to the plant to be effective so there is no use in watering during the daylight hours and the hottest parts of the day or evaporation will have a significant effect. Simply put, water at night.

Aerating Less than Needed – Oxygen and nutrients also need to make their way into a landscape. Twice-yearly aeration is the best way to accomplish this task. In the end, it means less watering and less fertilizing.

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Great Bird-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Posted on August 21st, 2014 by

While the flora is king in any landscape, it doesn’t hurt to add a little avian interest to the equation. Here are a few ideas for attracting our fine feathered friends to your backyard and making them feel right at home.

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Provide a Shelter

Nothing attracts a mother bird looking for a nest than a safe and secure shelter for its eggs and young. Add several around the yard and you will soon have several avian families in the neighborhood.

Add Some Water

For bathing, as well as for drinking, a shallow dish replenished often with fresh water is quite enticing for almost every species of bird. Keep it off the ground, however, and away from trees where predators may lurk.

Feed Safely

Similarly, bird feeders with seed or sugar-water for hummingbirds are an excellent way to attract birds to a yard. Keep them high and strung with wire so squirrels and other pests cannot reach the food.

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Design Your Landscape to Enjoy the Stars

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by

While most backyards are used during the daylight hours, the nighttime also offers some spectacular benefits to the homeowner who can take advantage. Here are a just a few suggestions for designing your landscape to enjoy the stars and the nighttime sky.

Leave an Unobstructed Space 

Obviously, the first thing that you need to enjoy the stars is an unobstructed view. Shade is wonderful during the day but leave a space where one can see the night sky without the distraction of limbs and leaves.

Make It Comfortable to Look Up

Relaxing on some full-length lounge chairs makes a great way to enjoy a view of the stars. Even better, add some double-wide ones so that a loved one can lay beside you.

Use Low-Level Lighting

Nighttime entertaining requires a little extra effort when it comes to lighting but, if not done properly, it can ruin the nighttime viewing experience. Keep the lights low to the ground and at a wattage just enough to light the floor.

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Keep Common Pests at Bay Without Cruelty

Posted on August 12th, 2014 by

Let’s face it, they are called pests for a reason as they cause all sorts of problems in the average landscape. Still, there is no need to be unnecessarily cruel when ridding your property of them. Here are a few suggestions for doing it humanely:

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Get a Dog – While your little chihuahua or your lovable sheepdog may not be a true killer, their mere presence is enough to scare off a wide variety of pests including squirrels, raccoons and even some species of birds.

Use Appropriate Plants – Animals have a far greater sensitivity to the smells and tastes of certain plants than do humans. Planting cayenne pepper, garlic, chives or basil will keep your yard free of many pests such as mosquitos and gnats.

Eliminate Non-Essential Attractants – Keeping your compost pile as far from the house is a good start but also do not place pet bowls with either water or food anywhere near the living space or you will attract pests.

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Use the Sophistication of Black in Your Company Landscaping

Posted on August 7th, 2014 by

In the world of fashion and art, the color black has always had a reputation as an edgy and sophisticated color. Fortunately, this situation is replayed in the commercial landscape world as well. Here are a few ideas for incorporating black into your company’s landscape design that will help your property stand out from the crowd:

Blend as a Backdrop

Black walls and fencing are an ideal way to focus attention on the plants and other natural materials that are in front of them while still performing their main function of blocking a view of the space behind them.

Frame the Space

Black makes an excellent frame for a colored wall or a colorful garden. Consider one when you have created a visually stunning focal point.

Go for the Contrast

For a bit of whimsy that is separate from the green items in your landscape, try coloring your building in only black and white.

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Fun Outdoor Dining Room Ideas

Posted on August 4th, 2014 by

With the great weather of the summer, there is no better place to have a meal with family and friends than in the great outdoors. Here are a few ways to make the most of this opportunity:

  • Create a Secluded Space – Keeping a dining space intimate is certainly a challenge when it is located outdoors. Still, adding a trellis, including privacy screens and even placing a rug underneath all contribute to a warmer, more secluded eating area.
  • Use Distressed Furniture – Older, well-used furniture serves several purposes. First, you do not need to worry overly much about what the elements will do to it. Second, they provide a real homey and comfortable feel for your guests.
  • Don’t Forget Nature – It may be tempting to concentrate on the furniture and other amenities in the space but the plants and shrubs that surround the space are just as important for creating the right atmosphere.

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