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Change the Look of Your Yard With Smart Poolside Landscaping

Posted on July 31st, 2014 by

While a pool adds a special visual interest all its own to your yard, there is no reason not to enhance the effect with some smart poolside landscaping. Here are just a few suggestions for accomplishing this goal:

  • Include a Waterfall – What better way to add visual interest to a static water feature than by including some moving water? In addition to the visual interest, the waterfall adds a soothing audio effect also.
  • Add a Fire Element – For a more contrasting effect, add tiki torches, a fire pit or some other element that incorporates fire. The heat from the fire is also a nice counterpoint to the cooling effects of the water and vice-versa.
  • Include Nature in the Design – Provide some natural shade with trees and shrubs while beautifying the area around the pool with flowers. Ensure that there is some distance between pool and plants, however, as most don’t tolerate the “conditioned’ water of the pool very well.

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Shady Property? There Are Plenty of Beautiful Plant Options

Posted on July 24th, 2014 by

Large trees offer beauty and function to any home but they can be somewhat problematic for the rest of the landscape because of the shade they provide. Still, the situation is not without hope if you choose the right plants for the shaded areas. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

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Mondo Grass – Also known as monkey grass, this remarkably hardy plant withstands shade and low water conditions. In addition, it grows in mounds to add a nice textural element to your yard.

Creeping Jenny – Quick growing, this large-leafed plant makes a great filler along stone steps and, since it cascades, provides beautiful coverage over retaining walls.

Snake Plant – If a little height is needed in a shaded part of your landscape, consider this variegated plant that shoots up quickly and adds a nice complement along a fence or in front of a hedge.

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Be Environmentally Friendly With Your Landscape Water Usage

Posted on July 18th, 2014 by

Water is easily our most precious natural resource – without it, nothing could live. For this simple reason, it is essential that home and business owners need to be environmentally friendly when it comes to water usage on their landscape. Here are s few suggestions on how to accomplish this goal:

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Water Landscapes at Night

There is simply no excuse for watering a landscape while the sun is high in the air. Not only are you losing water to increased evaporation but may also be damaging your lawn.

Consider a Xeroscape

Installing hardscapes and planting drought-resistant plants is an excellent way to conserve water as both require far less water than traditional landscapes.

Install Drip Irrigation

For those who love the color and vibrancy of flowers, plants and shrubs, a drip irrigation system is an excellent way to get the visual impact they crave while still keeping their water needs to a minimum.

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Landscape With Shade in Mind

Posted on July 15th, 2014 by

While everyone loves a bit of shade when the summer sun turns especially hot, it is somewhat surprising that home and business owners fail to recognize the value of shade when landscaping their buildings. Here are a few ideas for adding some beneficial shade to your landscape:

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Shade the Roof and Walls

Though it will usually take some time to have an effect, planting trees on the southern side of your building will eventually block a substantial amount of the sunshine.

Block Sun from the Windows

For a more immediate effect, consider adding large shrubs and smaller trees to impede the flow of heat into your building. With a little forethought, this can be accomplished without blocking the view.

Increase Your Plantings

Though often ignored, the placement of plants around a home can have a significant effect on the amount of heat that affects the structure. Instead of entering your home or business, it is willingly absorbed by the plants.

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Great Ways to Keep Grass Looking Greener on Your Side of the Fence

Posted on July 7th, 2014 by

Keeping a lawn looking deep green throughout the summer and the rest of the year takes a good deal of time and effort. Still, it can be done in a fairly efficient manner. Here’s what you need to know:

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    Watering – The key to a lush, green grass is to get water to the roots of your lawn. Water every three days – at night, please – for a solid hour rather than for twenty minutes every day.

  • Fertilizing – Be sure to test for pH levels and any specific nutrients that your soil may need. In addition, use a general, slow-release fertilizer to feed your lawn throughout the year.
  • Seeding – The best time to seed is in the fall as the soil is still fairly warm and inviting while the air remains cool. This provides and excellent environment for new seed growth and diminishes the effect of evaporation on any watering that you do.

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Great Summer Trends to Consider for Your Outdoor Spaces in Atlanta

Posted on July 2nd, 2014 by

For most homeowners, the summer season brings a new focus on their outdoor spaces. When deciding on how to remodel an outdoor space, it pays to look at some of the up and coming trends. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Hot Tubs – While an old favorite, the newest generation of hot tub technology adds some extra functionality that makes them great for the summer as well as the other seasons. Consider ones with hydrotherapy, pressure point treatments and whirlpool features.
  • Water Features – These additions are a multisensory delight. In addition to the visual, water features provide a soothing backdrop of white noise, the tactile feel of flowing water and will even cool the space around them to some degree.
  • Expansive Doors – Whether you choose the sliding or pivot variety, expanded-doors create a wonderful indoor/outdoor space that you and your guests can move between freely. For a truly distinctive look, try adding lift doors that completely disappear when opened. 
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