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Get Inspired to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home or Business

Posted on February 28th, 2014 by

The landscaping around your home or business is more important than you might think. This is because the quality of your landscaping affects your curb appeal. The more curb appeal your home has, the better chance it has of drawing buyers if you ever decide to sell, and businesses with high curb appeal make a better impression on customers. The following are some ways to improve your landscape in order to increase your curb appeal:

  • Use potted plants – Sometimes potted plants are a better option than having your entire yard filled with plants. This is because potted plants are easier to maintain, and they often look more organized.
  • Add depth – Flat yards don’t always look that great and can make your plants look cluttered. Add depth by terracing sections of the yard using landscape timbers. This gives the yard a more elegant and designed look.
  • Remove bushes – If the yard is overgrown, it might be a good idea to remove some of the bushes and plants. You don’t want the yard to look cluttered.

Use these tips to improve your curb appeal. To find out more about the benefits of commercial landscaping, contact Outdoor Expressions.

Garden Outside of the Box With Your Landscape Design

Posted on February 26th, 2014 by

Accept the challenge to break the humdrum gardening principles of straight lines and neat beds with dynamic and beautiful gardening ideas for Atlanta homes or businesses.

Create a Natural Habitat

Nature provides a more organic expression of the environment than the more traditional symmetric landscape design pattern. Create something similar to nature trails and the experience of subtle, meandering pathways.

To the sides, rather than evenly spacing plants, stagger them. When plants are more densely planted together it invites the visitor to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Creating open spaces works well with ornamental grasses that invite a more brisk pace. Why not include native plants that draw in all sorts of wildlife, thus creating a more peaceful, serene setting?

Contemporary Expression

Be bold and think outside the box to make a statement with a more modern landscape design by allowing your unique personality to come alive.

Use recyclables wherever possible. Get jagged with pathways when placing stones or bricks. Go extra curvy with borders. Incorporate unusual, showy ornamental plants to make a big splash. Go out on a limb and hide a patio with unique shrubbery as a border.

Contact Outdoor Expressions for more gardening ideas for Atlanta.

Sedges Could Replace Grasses in Your Landscaping

Posted on February 25th, 2014 by

The traditional idea of a lawn involves a closely cropped grass with a nicely edged border. Typically, the grass used requires a high degree of maintenance, including copious amounts of water, fertilizer and insecticide. This situation may be acceptable to a residential homeowner but commercial spaces involve a lot more space and a lot more cost to achieve this effect.

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Sedges offer an excellent alternative. Here’s why:

Distinctive Look – While many traditionalists would consider the various sedges to be too unkempt to adorn a traditional lawn, the simple fact is a more natural look for groundcover has been gaining momentum over the past few years.

Lessened Maintenance – All sedges are hardy in most climates. They can stand sun or shade, dry and wet climates and do not need to be trimmed only once or twice per year.

Affordability – In short, sedge is less expensive to install and maintain while offering a more professional and distinctive look.

For more information on this great landscaping idea that uses sedge and other ornamental grasses in commercial landscaping, please contact us at Outdoor Expressions.

4 Things to Avoid in Your Landscape

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It’s easy to list what you want and should do while designing a landscape, but not enough people consider the potential mistakes involved. Before you settle on a final plan for your commercial landscaping project, consider these 4 common mistakes.

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    Planting trees and shrubs that will grow too big: With the vast array of species on the market today, it’s easy to select plants that will grow to the sizes you desire and save valuable time by avoiding unnecessary pruning tasks.

  • Choosing plants that all flower at the same time: Different plants are at their most beautiful during different times of the year. Selecting trees that all flower in early spring will give you a few weeks of beauty followed by months of blandness.
  • Relying on resource-draining grass: Lush fields of grass consume time, water, and nutrients faster than almost anything else. Instead of planting this wasteful and uninteresting stuff, install landscape beds with attractive features.
  • Creating a “one-dimensional” planter: Mixing various plants of different size, shape, and color will bring complexity to your garden space and appear more thoughtful.

For a commercial landscaping firm in Atlanta contact Outdoor Expressions today! We’re making your outdoor space a place to remember.

3 Ideas for a Feel-Good Landscape

Posted on February 21st, 2014 by

One of the many benefits of commercial landscaping is that it improves the ambiance of your property and puts current or prospective clients in a happier and more receptive mood. Knowing how to turn your space into a welcoming display of natural assets sends all the right messages and keeps your business in the green.

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Utilizing the space in front of your building, or wherever most customers will be entering, is a great method of getting a garden noticed. Letting a spread of growth be your customer’s first impression of you and your company keeps your brand fresh and sustainable in their minds.

However, any undeveloped land that’s a part of your lot can be converted into a luscious garden that both conserves resources and attracts customers. Increasing your land’s biodiversity and relying on native species will shrink water bills and help you stand out in any urban area.

It’s also a great idea to create a haven for wild animals. Flowers that welcome pollinators, water features for birds and butterflies, or other inviting installations demonstrate your commitment to the environment and display your kind nature.

Contact Outdoor Expressions for help making your outdoor space a place to remember.

Front Yard Landscaping Inspiration for Powerful First Impressions

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Front yard landscaping can make a powerful impression on visitors to your home or business.  Gardening ideas for Atlanta begin with a landscape plan and selecting the right kind of plants for your area.

Formal English Manor

This is stately style with lots of show. Create a picturesque pathway lined with showy flowering plants, such as white hydrangea, to catch the eye of any passerby.

Country Cottage 

Start with a open gated white picket fence with an inviting country pathway.  Add a full bed of dense colorful flowering plants blending into a well-trimmed lawn. Include a touch of shrubbery or shade tree.

Serene Farm

Consider a few well-placed fruit or shade trees and garden borders filled with herbs, vegetables and interspersed with annual and perennial flowers. Include a stone, gravel or brick paved pathway in between.


Elegance, leisure and comfort fit together with a clearly defined walkway, open lush green yard, and the traditional wrap-around porch with flower beds surrounding the home.

Small Yard

Select showy ornamentals to make a bold statement up close to the home. A small strip of neatly groomed lush grass accents it nicely.

Contact Outdoor Expressions today for more gardening ideas for Atlanta.