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Fill the Empty Side of Your Building With an Attractive Garden

Posted on October 29th, 2013 by
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Flowers, trees and shrubs can grow on any side of a building. If you have a residential building or office with an empty side, consider the benefits of commercial landscaping to add beauty to that oft-forgotten area.

A commercial landscaper knows the trees and shrubs that will grow on the shady side of the building. The area can be designed with a gravel, flagstone or brick surface for access to the new garden. Small tables and chairs can be set up to give residents or employees an extra place to visit. People living or working in rooms with windows overlooking this section will have a more attractive view.

Trees and plants can be placed in the ground and in containers for a variety of plantings. Large pots can be placed on casters to move shrubs around to have more sunlight certain times of the year. Planter boxes and containers can be added for seasonal flowering plants.

Shade trees can always be planted on the unused sunny side of a building.

This additional landscape feature will improve the appearance of the building from all directions. Contact Outdoor Expression to add a garden to the empty side of your Atlanta area building.

What to Ask Before Choosing a Plant for Your Landscape

Posted on October 25th, 2013 by
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When it comes to selecting the right plants, shrubs and trees for your property, it is more than a simple question of whether or not the greenery looks good. When you are planning your landscape, you also need to factor in many other elements in order to prevent making choices that will result in poor arrangements or loss of money with unsuited flora.

Keep these commercial landscaping tips in mind as you view pictures and visit nurseries:


Not all plants are able to adapt to the region or location they are planted in. Plants require varying degrees of sunlight exposure, soil conditions, and temperatures in order to thrive; this in an important factor in your search.

Size Matters

Each plant and tree has its own growth potential. If you are looking to fill a specific need, such as shading, you need to pay attention to how large the plant will grow to.

Just as plants vary widely in size and growth needs, they also require different levels of fertilizing, pruning, clipping, separating, and other attention as they grow.

You will find at Outdoor Expressions we thrive on making your outdoor space a place to remember.  Contact us with any landscaping concerns you have.

It's Time to Replenish! October Gardening Tips for Georgia

Posted on October 21st, 2013 by
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October is an important month for gardening and presents time to prep your landscape for the colder months coming up ahead. Review our autumn gardening tips below to keep your landscape alive and well for the autumn months.

  1. Do you have Fescue turf? Be sure to finish any seeding activities early in the month to ensure the seedlings have time to mature before the cool winter weather arrives.
  2. If you have Bermuda or Zoysia lawns, apply pre-emergence weed control now.
  3. October is one of the driest months of the year, and especially this year! Replenish mulch abundantly in your plant beds to help them retain moisture.
  4. Do not prune or fertilize your trees and shrubs. While pruning and fertilizing are normally good for your plants, doing so at this time of year could result in tender growth that is immediately killed by the freezing weather.
  5. Would you like beautiful roses? Plant them now through February in well-drained soil that gets 6 or more hours of sunlight daily.
  6. Time to change the flower beds! Plant Pansy, Violas and Snapdragon through November.

Do you have specific questions about autumn gardening tips for your property? Contact us at Outdoor Expressions.  Making your outdoor space a place to remember.

Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for the Autumn Season

Posted on October 17th, 2013 by
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Since the summer growing season is over and most lawns no longer need to be mowed that often, many homeowners neglect to realize that autumn is the best time of year to get their lawn ready for spring. It is, however. Here are six lawn care steps to take right now:

First, mow one last time on the lowest setting to help the lawn conserve its resources over the winter. Second, mechanically aerate so that fertilizer and water can more easily reach the roots. Third, remove all debris, including twigs and leaves, as they accrue or you will leave an impenetrable, lawn-killing mess behind.

From there, build up the nutritional resources of the lawn for the spring by fertilizing it overall. If you only fertilize once per year, this is the time to do it. Lastly, fill in any bald spots with an appropriate fertilizer/seed mix. With these six steps, you should gain a great head start for a beautiful lawn next spring.

For more gardening tips like these or if you are in need of landscape maintenance in Atlanta, please call us directly at 888-210-1116. Outdoor Expressions – Making your outdoor space a place to remember.

Decorate Your Landscape With Both Flowers and Live Butterflies

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Butterflies are like living jewels that add an extra level of beauty and enchantment to a garden. You can decorate your grounds with native nectar plants that will attract butterflies from spring to fall for a beautiful, naturalized landscape.

The flowers that attract various species of butterflies are easy to care for and grow in the clay soil of the Atlanta area. Different flowers should bloom from spring to fall to attract butterflies and colorful birds. Most of the flowers grow in full sunlight or partial shade.

Start with wild cherry, poplar or ash trees that will allow butterflies to lay their eggs in the fall. The cocoons will hatch into fuzzy caterpillars in the spring who will chew on tree leaves before they become butterflies and fly off in search of nectar.

Native flowers to consider are the drought-tolerant arrowwood virburnum, pasque flower, sunflowers, purple cornflower, purple prairie flower, summer phlox, coneflower, lilac and asters.

The aromatic aster is a perennial that blooms from late summer to October and provides butterflies with their final feeding as they lay their eggs for the next generation.

Outdoor Expressions, commercial landscaping firm in Atlanta, is familiar with the flowers and trees that will bring butterflies to your building’s landscaped grounds.  We’d be happy to make your outdoor space a place to remember.

Great Flowers to Decorate Your Landscape This Fall

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Spring usually gets all the credit for beautiful, colorful flowers, but the foliage of the Fall can be equally inspiring. Here are some colorful, hardy and easily plantable flower suggestions for decorating your landscape this Fall:

  • Chrysanthemums – Plant them anytime in October and these perennials will bloom within a month if no frost arrives and then overwinter in the ground in most climates to reemerge year after year.
  • Asters – A favorite among fall gardeners because of their blue color, these hardy perennials offer a nice color contrast to the reds and oranges of other fall flowers.
  • Black-Eyed Susan – One of the easiest flowering plants to grow, these plants are also prized because of their tolerance for wide variety of growing condition and for their long growing season from early summer to late fall.

For more information on these and other landscaping topics, please visit us online at or, if you are in need of a commercial landscaping firm in Atlanta, please call us directly at 888-210-1116. Outdoor Expressions – Making your outdoor space a place to remember.