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Test Your Gardening Knowledge

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Gardening requires more knowledge than many would initially assume. It involves far more than meets they eye, from planting time to harvest season. So, how well do you know your way around the garden? With this quick test, you can see for yourself how much (or how little) you know about gardening.

This test includes many questions that will assess your gardening skills and knowledge. Do you know the proper tools to use for each particular job in the yard? Do you know how to reduce the damage from harmful pests in your home’s garden? Do you know which plants thrive in high humidity, and which prefer dry heat? Take this test and you’ll quickly find out. Not only does it gauge your ability to garden like a pro, but it also provides helpful tips and information.

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Mowing the Lawn: What You Need to Know

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Ornamental grasses in commercial landscaping require regular maintenance and care. Knowing when to have your lawn mowed is important to your maintenance plan. Several factors influence how often a lawn should be mowed, starting with the type of grass and its growth rate.

Adding lawn fertilizer high in nitrogen will stimulate leaf growth and require the lawn to be mowed sooner.

The time of year influences how often your lawn needs to be mowed. Warm season grasses grow faster in summer, whereas cool season grasses grow fastest in spring and fall.

The amount and frequency of watering will also affect lawn growth. Think back to a time when there were several days of rain. It seems like the grass just shot up overnight. Drought conditions require water rationing, which will generally slow the lawn’s rate of growth.

A rule of thumb is to avoid removing more than one-third the leaf height at a time. This will help assure a healthy lawn. Letting grass grow too tall before cutting can burn the new growth underneath on hot summer days. Cutting it too short can starve the leaves.

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Options for Clean Garden Bed Edges

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Study these commercial landscaping tips for creating a clean garden bed edging.  Well maintained edging helps to keep everything in its proper place.




Trench – A cost-free method involves digging a shallow trench between the garden bed and lawn. This creates a casual look that keeps grass from growing into the bed. Maintenance is required several times a year to keep the sharp line.

Steel  – This popular option comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Black gives a formal look, whereas brown and green fit a more traditional style. It is readily available and durable, although rusting eventually affects all metal edging.

Bender Board – Made of 100% recycled plastic lumber, this flexible board comes in 20-foot lengths. It may not be easy to find or transport, but is very long lasting.

Concrete or Stone – Professionally installed concrete or stone give a clean, refined look and can be permeant, yet the initial cost is more expensive.

Wood  – This affordable treated landscape post or timber edging offers a natural look with long durability. You are limited to straight edges.

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Create a Relaxing Garden Retreat for Your Employees

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  • Create an entrance. Every garden oasis needs a marker to signify you’ve arrived, whether a stone, gate, or doors, create something that denotes transition from the hectic work world.
  • Try to avoid concrete in your natural space. Instead opt for a gravel walkway lined with shrubs and flowers.
  • Create continuity and flow by planting the same type of greenery en masse. You could even shape the planting to create a natural walkway or curvature that guides the individual along the path to relaxation.
  • Use rhythm and repetition, which creates a relaxing feeling. For example, install colorful ceramic balls along the walkway dotted with plants and greenery. If adding items, odd number patterns are more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Introduce water into your space with a small pond or relaxing fountain.

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Reducing Outdoor Pests in Your Landscape

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Garden pests can be a big problem this time of year, but there are ways to reduce them around your business. Below are some commercial landscaping tips.

Ticks carry Lyme disease, pesticides can help minimize them. Other ways to help control them include clearing areas with tall grasses and brush, and keep leaf litter removed. A barrier of wood chips and gravel can be placed three feet between the landscape and wooded areas. Keeping the lawn mowed regularly will also deter ticks.

Bees and wasps are beneficial in pollinating landscape plants, but they can also pose health risks for people who are allergic to the venom. The best way to keep them from harm’s way is to destroy their nests with aerosol insecticides. Proceed with caution, though.

Mosquitoes can pose health problems and be a big nuisance, especially at dawn and dusk. Repellent and insecticides can be used effectively. Empty free-standing water from containers, where they typically breed. Keep screens on doors and windows in working order.

These pests can be tough but we can help you alter your landscape to best suit your needs. Contact Outdoor Expressions for more commercial landscaping tips.

It's Time to Cut! July Landscaping Tips for Georgia

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With the heat of July comes the indicator for a number of different lawn and garden maintenance jobs. If you are like most individuals you have built an amazing landscape with numerous levels of foliage that is blending with splashes of colorful flowering plants. This accumulates into a great deal of maintenance needs to keep everything looking its best.

Summer gardening tips include:

  • Give your iris some TLC when the leaves begin to turn brown. Trim them back to about eight inches high and separate the bulbs to keep them big and beautiful.
  • Water regularly. During these heat filled days, even your large trees can benefit from a little extra water. To get the best results always water during the cool morning hours.
  • Be on the look out for various forms of insect infestations. Insects are opportunistic and will settle on any form of foliage from your flowers to your shrubs and trees.
  • To keep your lawn at its healthiest, maintain the recommended height with routine mowing.

You will also need to fertilize appropriately to maintain the gorgeous green and healthy growth.

We here at Outdoor Expressions can help you to maintain a lively landscape. Make your outdoor space a place to remember.