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Summertime Trends for Your Garden

Posted on June 28th, 2013 by
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Summertime is a perfect opportunity to liven up your property management and business landscapes. This can include softscapes, hardscapes, and irrigation installation.

Benefits of commercial landscaping this time of year can be enjoyed with the addition of colorful, attention-grabbing softscape flowers, whether perennials or annuals. Ornamental grasses can add a tasteful flare as well. High humidity and temperatures in the Atlanta area may require additional watering in high risk landscape beds, especially if the new plants have not yet been fully established.

While the heat is on, get the most out of your outdoor space with simple to complex hardscape installations. Pathways, retaining walls and patios can be designed to suit your specific needs. Select from our artistry with stone, brick, or other creative material.

Now is the time to improve irrigation installation, whether whole landscape or specified areas. Make the investment with a professionally installed commercial irrigation system that will not only improve your property value, but save on your water bill.

Contact our dynamic team at Outdoor Expressions to help you make the best first impression with all the benefits of commercial landscaping planning and installation. We are dedicated to making your outdoor space a place to remember.

Tips for Identifying and Controlling Japanese Beetles

Posted on June 24th, 2013 by
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The Japanese beetle is an extremely destructive pest from its starts as a grub through adulthood. You may not realize that you have an active infestation until damage has already occurred. Below are some spring gardening tips that will help you identify and deal with Japanese beetles on your grounds.

  • Japanese beetles in the grub stage can quickly destroy a lawn by feeding on its roots. If your grass looks as if it has been through a drought and you know that is not the case, it may have been damaged by grubs.
  • Adult beetles can be just as destructive when it comes to trees and ornamental plants. A group of these beetles can easily defoliate a tree. Using bait to lure the beetles to their death does not prevent damage to your plants and results in more beetles being drawn to your landscape.
  • Consider planting plants and trees that will attract these pests and then poison them. Handpicking the beetles is a good way to eliminate them.

To make the most out of your landscape, call or email Outdoor Expressions for more spring gardening tips. We’d love to help make your outdoor space a place to remember.

Green Upkeep: How To Keep Your Lawnmower Mowing

Posted on June 20th, 2013 by
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One of the primary benefits of commercial landscaping is a landscape design that is easy to mow. Even if  you want to care for your landscape yourself, It’s important to to dedicate time and care to your lawnmower to ensure that it runs efficiently. Check out the following lawnmower care tips:

  • Discard Unused Gas:  At the end of the season, run fuel stabilizer through the mower, and siphon out any unused gas.
  • Disconnect the Spark Plug: Remove the spark plug before beginning any maintenance and replace it afterwards.
  • Detach the blade: Be sure to use sturdy gloves or similar protection when removing the blade from the mower.
  • Remove the oil: If you have separate containers for oil and gas, remove the oil with the use of a small pan and tarp to catch any oil runoff.
  • Clean the undercarriage: Use a putty knife to remove grass and mud from the passageway.
  • Renew the air filter: Replace paper filters or simply clean and re-position your oil sponge filter.

For more information about the benefits of commercial landscaping, contact us at 888-210-1116. At Outdoor Expressions we are always here to help and focus on making your outdoor space a place to remember.

So Much Mulch: Types of Mulch for Your Garden

Posted on June 17th, 2013 by
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Mulch is an integral part of dealing with many landscaping issues. However the needs of the home garden are going to be different than those of a commercial property or apartment complex. So which mulches should you use for which tasks?

Weed Control

The most common use of mulch is to deny weeds a place to sprout. While wind-blown weeds can sprout in bark mulch, they are easy to remove before they get into the soil. Mulches used for this are normally bark, dust or compost mulches.

Erosion Control

Here the mulch is used to cover the soil to keep from drying out or being washed away due to heavy rain. While straw is common used, many waste products of commercial farming like hulls of cottonseed or buckwheat are used.

Border Control

Used as borders or fillers under trees and shrubs. It is also used to fill dead spaces while promoting wet soil wetness and weed control, this mulch gives empty spaces a more organic look and smells pleasant as well.

Which To Use?

Not all mulches are the same so be sure to call and talk with the experts for commercial landscaping tips, we want to make your outdoor space a place to remember.

Celebrate Perennial Gardening Month Throughout June

Posted on June 13th, 2013 by
commercial landscaping tips

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Did you know that the month of June is Perennial Gardening Month? Consider these commercial landscaping tips to help you select just the right perennials for your garden.

Perennials are celebrated this month for several reasons. The greatest benefit is that once you plant them you do not have to replant again. Perennials naturally come up year after year, thus making your  gardening job easier. This can save you a lot of time and money. Also, perennials require low maintenance.

There are a variety of perennials from which to choose. When selecting the best perennials for your Georgian home or business, look for plants that perform well in your specific climate and contribute to your landscape needs. This can be specific to the time and length of bloom you are looking for, the colors desired, sun or shade tolerance, height and spread design, soil conditions, drought tolerance, and pest and disease concerns.

Let  Outdoor Expressions’ professionals assist you in commercial landscape design to determine which perennials work best for your landscaping needs, call us at 770-592-9154

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It's Time to Groom! June Landscaping Tips for Georgia

Posted on June 11th, 2013 by
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June is here and it is the time to do some maintenance on your garden beds.  While you might be still planting many of your perennials are up and growing as are any annuals you planted early in the season. June grooming is needed to keep your plants growing strong and healthy through the rest of the growing season.

Here are some tips for your June garden.

  • Deadhead plants such as rhododendrons, this will help strengthen next years blooms.
  • Prune your roses, training them to grow how you would like.  Remove blooms from shrub roses after the bloom.
  • Fertilize plants such as azaleas. Camellias, rhododendron and your roses.
  • Keep a close eye out for Japanese Beetles and set traps downwind when needed.
  • Cut  back your spring flowering plants such as irises, daffodils etc .
  • Fertilize your turf and keep it well watered.
  • Remove the dying blooms on annuals to ensure a continuous bloom.
  • Ensure your plants are getting enough water, if water restrictions apply give them one good soaking once or twice a week.

For more summer gardening tips or help with your landscaping needs, contact our experts  at 888-210-1116. Outdoor Expressions we’re about making your outdoor space a place to remember.