Urban Garden Inspiration for Your Atlanta Business

Posted on May 31st, 2013 by
commercial landscaping Atlanta

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If you want your business to stand out from the rest, having beautifully cultivated landscaping is a great way to draw eyes to your building.  Whether you own a store, multifamily community, or an office building, urban garden-inspired landscaping can give your building a lovely atmosphere that will delight both clients and employees alike.

Neatly trimmed box hedges provide a nice border along a path. Trees can be planted behind the hedge or the low shrubbery can be used to frame a flower garden.

Flowering plants and shrubs can be planted in boxes placed at different levels. A few small trees can improve the look of a building. Brick or stone borders define a landscaped area adding shape and color.

A courtyard is the perfect place for a few trees, a recirculating fountain, potted plants and chairs or a bench.  Place potted plants or planter boxes near your entry if your building does not have adequate dirt for an in-ground garden.  Window boxes planted with geraniums and lobelia can also add color to your building.

Roof gardens are popular with multi-use buildings. Trees grow from rooftop planters while ivy and other trailing plants spill over the sides of the building.

Outdoor Expressions, a commercial landscaping firm in Atlanta, can build an urban garden for your building.  We are dedicated to making your outdoor space a place to remember.


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