Caring for Shaded Grass Takes Less Work, Not More

Posted on May 17th, 2013 by

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common problem that people run into when caring for their landscaping is their grass, in shaded areas, becomes sickly and even dies. There are a couple principles that contribute to this resulting loss:

  1. Shaded grass does not require the same amount of water as areas that receive the full benefit of the sun. Without the direct sunlight warming the ground and causing evaporation, shaded areas typically require only about half the amount of water that is used on other sunnier locations.
  2. Grass grows more rapidly when exposed to sunlight, this exponential growth factor requires additional fertilizer in order to help keep up with the nutritional demands of the grass. Just as less water is necessary in shaded areas, the same is true of fertilizer. The decreased exposure to sunlight results in a much slower growth pattern that requires less nutritional supplement for the grass.

The landscape of each location brings with it its own set of benefits and complication. With the assistance of a commercial landscaping firm in Atlanta, you can enjoy the lovely green of your land without the hassle. Outdoor Expressions is your answer to making your outdoor space a place to remember.

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