It's Time to Mulch! Tips for May Landscaping in Georgia

Posted on May 7th, 2013 by
landscaping tips

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When it comes to landscaping, May is a time of maintenance and preparation: the planting season is over, but new growth needs to be nurtured and protected from the scorching sun of mid-to-late summer. A well-manicured landscape reveals care and attention to detail, and by following these spring gardening tips, you can ensure that your foliage will be healthy for the coming months.

  • Hold those shears. Don’t prune flowering shrubs like azaleas, rhododendron, and oakleaf hydrangea until after their blooming season.
  • Watch your turf. May is the prime season for fungal diseases in turf grasses, but luckily, they’re easily treated by fungicide. If you have a recurring problem, consider treating in advance.
  • Lawn’s first fertilizer. If your lawn consists of Bermuda or Zoysia grass, use a balanced analysis to determine its needs and increase the amount of nitrogen with next month’s application.
  • Cover those beds. Mulch is appealing for a number of reasons: it creates a neat, clean-cut appearance, as well as smothering weeds and conserving moisture for summer.

Monthly maintenance can be time-consuming, but luckily, we’re just a phone call away. By taking care to create a beautiful environment, you’re making your outdoor space a place to remember.

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