Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Office

Posted on April 22nd, 2013 by
Earth Day

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Each year on April 22 the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day, a day of action to help protect our planet, its delicate ecosystems, and the species that call it home. If you’ve never participated in an Earth Day action project 2013 is the year! There are many great ways that your office can become involved in these celebrations, including:

  • Creating a green team Earth Day is typically a culmination of year long efforts and creating a green team can help drive your company’s focus into the future. Choose a team of employees that are dedicated to improving the green efforts of the company.
  • Planting trees Regardless of your company’s location you can plant trees on Earth Day. If you have available land for planting choose native species to support the local ecosystem. Consider participating in local planting events if you don’t have available land.
  • Supporting community event You can release employees to participate in community events such as e-waste recycling drives, community gardening, or litter clean up.

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