Cover Your Ground With These Landscaping Plants

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The plants you use to landscape your business can actually bring customers to your door. When deciding what plants you want, take into account the style and architecture of your building and remember that groundcover plants offer huge advantages for this sort of landscaping. Here are a few commercial landscaping tips that’ll not only impress your clients, but will be easy to maintain as well.

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Annuals and perennials like pansies, tulips, irises, all offer various colors and benefits, but require more maintenance. Lower maintenance plants include groundcover such as ferns, aloe vera, juniper, wild ginger and shade lovers. Small shrubs and some large ones like star jasmine and azaleas are also good for edging plant beds and side walks. Medium shrubs like hibiscus, English boxwood and viburnum are ideal for hedges, background and screening. Large shrubbery works well in wide spaces as in playgrounds or parks.

When deciding what plants to place where, remember sight, smell and history/nostalgia. These things entice your customers. For more tips on enhancing your outdoor spaces, be sure that you have subscribed to the Outdoor Expressions blog!

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