Insect Infestation Signs to Look Out For

Posted on April 8th, 2013 by
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Image via Better Homes & Gardens

Springtime brings a wealth of flowers, sunshine and good feelings. Unfortunately, the season of rebirth also brings a host of pestilential insects that home gardeners and professional landscapers must pay special attention to. There are three main types of landscape pests and the signs that you may need to treat for them:

Sucking Insects

The most common types of sucking insects are aphids, lace bugs, and scale insects. Each inserts a proboscis into the plant and removes vital fluids. These insects can be recognized by a black, sooty substance, a lacelike covering, or a hard white scale on your plants.

Chewing Insects

Other types of insects are far more aggressive in their behavior and actually tear apart the plant that is giving them sustenance. Bagworms, webworms and tent caterpillars are a few examples, Each is readily identifiable by the home it builds for itself.

Boring Insects

Perhaps the most insidious of the insects who infest Georgia plants are the beetles that tunnel deep into already weakened or damaged plants. They can be identified by sawdust waste that gets pushed out of the boring holes, which resembles toothpicks.

Your plants shouldn’t be treated for insects unless you are certain you have an infestation. ¬†Keep an eye out for these signs and contact Outdoor Expressions at 888-210-1116 if you think you have an insect infestation in the plants surrounding your Atlanta home or business.

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