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It's Time to Fertilize! Tips for April Landscaping in Georgia

Posted on April 30th, 2013 by
lawn fertilizer

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While abundant sun and water is necessary for a healthy lawn and garden, there is another component which is important: nutrients. Most American homes have a static landscape which remains mostly unchanged, be it in the form of a lawn full of Bermuda grass or perennial plants and trees. All of these soak up nutrients from the ground which need to be replaced, and now is the time to start your gardening in earnest.  Here are some things you need to do in your landscape now:

Check Your Irrigation System

As we enter into the hot and typically dry season of Georgia, it’s going to be vital that you ensure your landscape stay watered if you want it to be healthy throughout the season.  Turn on your irrigation system and check for leaks now, and consider upgrading to a more efficient system if you need to.

Take Care of Your Grasses

If you have warm season turf grasses like Bermuda and Zoysla, now is the time to scalp them as close to the ground as you can.

Apply Fertilizer

It’s time to add your last application of slow-release fertilizer if you have Fescue, and make sure your fertilizer includes iron so that the grass can maintain its color through the season.
If you have roses, fertilize again and apply a systemic insecticide.

For help maintaining your home or business landscape through the hot season, call Outdoor Expressions at 888-210-1116.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Office

Posted on April 22nd, 2013 by
Earth Day

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Each year on April 22 the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day, a day of action to help protect our planet, its delicate ecosystems, and the species that call it home. If you’ve never participated in an Earth Day action project 2013 is the year! There are many great ways that your office can become involved in these celebrations, including:

  • Creating a green team Earth Day is typically a culmination of year long efforts and creating a green team can help drive your company’s focus into the future. Choose a team of employees that are dedicated to improving the green efforts of the company.
  • Planting trees Regardless of your company’s location you can plant trees on Earth Day. If you have available land for planting choose native species to support the local ecosystem. Consider participating in local planting events if you don’t have available land.
  • Supporting community event You can release employees to participate in community events such as e-waste recycling drives, community gardening, or litter clean up.

To learn more about the benefits of commercial landscaping contact the professionals at Outdoor Expressions by calling 888-210-1116. We are committed to making your outdoor space a place to remember.

Cover Your Ground With These Landscaping Plants

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The plants you use to landscape your business can actually bring customers to your door. When deciding what plants you want, take into account the style and architecture of your building and remember that groundcover plants offer huge advantages for this sort of landscaping. Here are a few commercial landscaping tips that’ll not only impress your clients, but will be easy to maintain as well.

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Annuals and perennials like pansies, tulips, irises, all offer various colors and benefits, but require more maintenance. Lower maintenance plants include groundcover such as ferns, aloe vera, juniper, wild ginger and shade lovers. Small shrubs and some large ones like star jasmine and azaleas are also good for edging plant beds and side walks. Medium shrubs like hibiscus, English boxwood and viburnum are ideal for hedges, background and screening. Large shrubbery works well in wide spaces as in playgrounds or parks.

When deciding what plants to place where, remember sight, smell and history/nostalgia. These things entice your customers. For more tips on enhancing your outdoor spaces, be sure that you have subscribed to the Outdoor Expressions blog!

Add Flowering Bushes to Create a Beautiful and Structured Landscape

Posted on April 15th, 2013 by
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Any business wants to stand out, especially in spring when people are eager to get out of the house. Blossoming flowers are an attractive eye-catcher in spring, but they can also be labor intensive and do little for your landscape design later in autumn and winter.

Luckily you can still enjoy the beauty of flowers with flowering bushes.  Flowering bushes add more structure to your landscape than flowers and they can be attractive even in winter, especially when draped with lights.  Here are some other benefits of using flowering bushes in your landscape design:

  • Less Replanting: Unlike many flowers, which must be replanted each year, flowering bushes are perennial. They are generally a one-time expense and don’t require the same labor costs that it would take to replant all of your flowers annually.
  • Erosion Control: Businesses that have a lot of open ground, especially near roads, can use bushes to prevent erosion and give less space for litter to collect.
  • Better Border: Bushes also can be a natural barrier which is a green and beautiful alternative to a fence.
  • Go Native: Using the many native flowering bushes of Georgia means less work for you. Native plants also attract native birds and help promote your business efforts to go green.

Call Outdoor Expressions in Atlanta at 888-210-1116 for any commercial landscaping services you need this spring!

Insect Infestation Signs to Look Out For

Posted on April 8th, 2013 by
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Springtime brings a wealth of flowers, sunshine and good feelings. Unfortunately, the season of rebirth also brings a host of pestilential insects that home gardeners and professional landscapers must pay special attention to. There are three main types of landscape pests and the signs that you may need to treat for them:

Sucking Insects

The most common types of sucking insects are aphids, lace bugs, and scale insects. Each inserts a proboscis into the plant and removes vital fluids. These insects can be recognized by a black, sooty substance, a lacelike covering, or a hard white scale on your plants.

Chewing Insects

Other types of insects are far more aggressive in their behavior and actually tear apart the plant that is giving them sustenance. Bagworms, webworms and tent caterpillars are a few examples, Each is readily identifiable by the home it builds for itself.

Boring Insects

Perhaps the most insidious of the insects who infest Georgia plants are the beetles that tunnel deep into already weakened or damaged plants. They can be identified by sawdust waste that gets pushed out of the boring holes, which resembles toothpicks.

Your plants shouldn’t be treated for insects unless you are certain you have an infestation.  Keep an eye out for these signs and contact Outdoor Expressions at 888-210-1116 if you think you have an insect infestation in the plants surrounding your Atlanta home or business.

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Mix Up Your Walkways for Stunning Design

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 by
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Call attention to your building with inviting walkways from our team of commercial landscaping designers in Atlanta. A professionally designed pathway featuring artful landscaping will attract visitors to any building. Trees, shrubs, grass and flowers welcome people, encouraging them to enjoy their experience at your business.

Water in any form enhances landscaping. A meandering stream or recirculating waterfall along your entry path provides a feeling of relaxation.  Small ponds with trees and shrubs can provide a park-like setting for your commercial building.

Planter boxes, stone or wood benches can be placed along wide walkways and broad steps inviting people to sit and enjoy pleasant weather. The materials used for the pathways are always important, as well.  Non-slip brick, flagstone, slate, wood and other exterior flooring should compliment the design of your building and its businesses.

Outdoor lighting is very important, especially for apartment communities and other buildings occupied by people during evening hours or on dreary days.  Artistic lighting that guarantees safety can be achieved in many different ways and your commercial designers in Atlanta will know what is right for your building.

Designers at Outdoor Expressions know how to make use of the area available around your building making your outdoor space a place to remember.