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Psychological Benefits of Surrounding Your Employees with Nature

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If you are concerned about the health, happiness, and productivity of your employees, one way you can improve these factors in your office is by taking advantage of the psychological benefits of nature.

Access to nature has always been coveted in the office environment.  Employees who work hard and get promoted are often rewarded with larger windows or corner offices that granted a view of the outside world.  It’s also interesting to note that in an early study done on windowless offices and cubicles (Heerwagen and Orians,1986), employees instinctively surrounded themselves with scenes of nature by adorning their walls with posters and paintings of the outdoors.


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A view of nature is a relaxing contrast to the stress and formality of the office environment, and it provides workers with a brief break from their computer screens.  Additionally, natural views have shown through various studies to have both a calming and regenerative effect on people.  In office environments, natural views reduced perceived stress and increased job satisfaction, in addition to fewer complaints of illness.

If you want to take advantage of the psychological benefits of natural views to boost productivity and workplace happiness in your office in Georgia, consider the professional landscaping services of Outdoor Expressions.  We would be happy to design and maintain a healthy and beautiful office landscape for your business, making your outdoor space a place to remember.

Signs of Drought on Your Property's Lawn

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Georgia often struggles with severe drought problems, and this has a severe impact on the health of the plants that comprise your office landscape. Knowing the signs of drought-related problems with your plants can help you take measures to ensure the care of your business’s landscaping before permanent damage is done. Drought can stunt the growth of your plants, as well as make them more susceptible to disease, injury, and death.

Signs of drought damage include:

  • Hints of gray or blue on your cool-season grass.
  • Grass that doesn’t spring back when it’s stepped on.
  • Leaves on plants that are wilting or curling.
  • Leaves on plants turning brown.

As soon as these signs are detected, take action by providing supplemental irrigation to prevent permanent damage or the death of your plants. Choosing drought-resistant plants, and those native to Georgia, are preferable to plants that require a great deal of water and care. Drought-resistant plants generally have smaller, lighter leaves and a deep root system that helps them survive long periods without water.

Outdoor Expressions is a commercial landscaping firm in Atlanta, serving the metro Atlanta area including Brookhaven, Dunwoody and Buckhead. We can help you bring your landscape back to life after a drought, making your outdoor space a place to remember.

4 Tips for Healthy Landscape Soil

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Healthy soil is imperative for healthy plants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the premier source of information for all things environmental, has several commercial landscaping tips for maintaining and improving your soil.

  • Aerate: Soil becomes compacted over time. Aeration helps loosen the soil, allowing water to filter to the root zones of your plants more effectively.
  • Mulch: Applying at least four inches of mulch around the base of your plants will help prevent water from evaporating, restrict weed growth and moderate the temperature of your soil, keeping plants healthier and greener.
  • Grasscycle: Leave grass clippings on the lawn after mowing. As the clippings decompose, valuable nutrients are released back into the soil.
  • Test: Healthy soil depends on nutrient content, organic matter content and optimum pH and composition. To ensure your soil is healthy, to maintain its healthy properties and to learn which plants will thrive in your particular soil type, have your soil tested by a professional.

For more information about keeping your soil healthy or for professional testing of your soil, please call or email Outdoor Expressions. Our specialty is commercial landscaping services, making your outdoor space a place to remember.

What is Floriculture?

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For centuries, horticulturists and avid gardeners have been breeding new varieties of flowers, ornamental flowering plants and bedding plants. This branch of horticulture is called floriculture, and is central to the floral industry.

With the development of the greenhouse, floriculturists began to experiment more widely with developing new breeds of flowers, drawing on new technology and knowledge about how inherited traits work in plants. The result is an unimaginably large variety of cultivars in hundreds of shapes, styles and colors.


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In addition to flowers specifically designed for the floral arrangement industry, floriculturists combine traits in flowering plants to develop new breeds of garden flowers specifically for cutting, as well as flowering houseplants, decorative outdoor plants for containers and those for bedding in the landscape.

If you’re imagining plants around your commercial property that will flower prolifically in time for spring, consider a consultation with Outdoor Expressions, a commercial landscaping firm in Atlanta dedicated to providing the heartiest and most beautiful, cutting-edge cultivars for your property, making your outdoor space a place to remember.


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Landscaping is Key in the World of Commercial Real Estate

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Curb appeal has become a buzzword in the real estate industry. Curb appeal is the way a property looks from the street, and it has a great deal to do with how well a property will sell. The benefits of commercial landscaping are many when it comes to buying and selling commercial properties.

First impressions are a powerful tool for selling any property. Office spaces with run-down landscaping evoke the sense that the property as a whole hasn’t been well taken care of. Businesses want their customers to see a well-tended, colorful landscape that looks professionally maintained. For commercial residential properties, the ability to attract tenants often depends heavily on whether the property looks well-tended and attractive. Flowering shrubs, properly-pruned trees and healthy lawns are a large part part of desirable curb appeal.


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Commercial landscaping firms pay attention to the details, designing water-efficient, low-maintenance landscapes with plants that are chosen specifically for their properties in relation to soil type, groupings with other plants and the overall effect desired by the client.

For a consultation with one of our highly qualified specialists in Atlanta, please call or email Outdoor Expressions.  We are dedicated to making your outdoor space a place to remember.

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Commercial Landscaping Now

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Now more than ever, business owners and property managers are constantly looking for ways to cut corners, save money and protect the bottom line. But one area that most businesses can’t afford to skimp on is professional landscaping services.


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By hiring a local teenager to cut your grass, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to actually improve your business. First impressions are everything. You should seriously consider giving us a call if any of the following situations applies to you:

  1. The grounds surrounding your property are clearly in need of professional care.
  2. You find yourself spending too much time figuring how to manage your landscape – an industry you know nothing about – which takes away time from managing your business.
  3. The firm you’re currently using is not meeting your professional landscaping needs.
  4. You’d like to incorporate more environmentally friendly ways to keep your landscape maintained, but you don’t know what measures need to be taken.
  5. You know nothing about OSHA regulations and compliance.

Some expenditures are worth it when it comes to the look, feel and even the safety of your site. Contact Outdoor Expressions today to learn more about how we can improve your property’s landscaping situation.

Make your outdoor space a place to remember.