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Ornamental Grasses in Commercial Landscaping: Low-Maintenance, High-Impact

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Ornamental grasses are light and airy, full of color and movement.  Using ornamental grasses in commercial landscaping is a stylish, yet easily maintained method of adding drama and contrast to your business property. They easily thrive through humidity or drought during the hot summers in the greater Atlanta area, needing little water or maintenance and remaining lush and attractive for the greater part of the year.

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Image via Outdoor Expressions

Property Appeal
These fast-growing ornamental grasses will soften the often hard lines of a new building or enhance the classic silhouette of an established property, offering great curb appeal and an inviting atmosphere.

Landscaping Uses
Available in a variety of colors, textures, growth patterns and heights, ornamental grasses are adaptable enough to plant near water features, as a living border or fence or to soften any hard-scape or xeriscape landscaping design.

Environmental Benefits
According to Georgia Gardening, ornamental grasses are native to many areas of the country.  Some of these grasses bloom or take on highly dramatic colors during the fall when other plants have reached the end of their growing season.

Outdoor Expressions, a professional landscaping firm in Canton, Georgia, will offer you expert advice on adding lush, attractive ornamental grasses in commercial landscaping designs for your business.

Water-Conserving Landscape Tips: Know Your Zones

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If you own or manage commercial property, then odds are you either have landscaping around the property or you’re planning to implement landscaping. Landscaping can help add to the aesthetic value of your property, but it is easy to waste water when maintaining your landscape. One way to promote a water-conserving landscape is by planning out the landscape using three zones.

  • Zone One – The first zone should be a low water use zone in which all the plants need very little water once they’ve been established. This means that they can rely solely on rain water, even during droughts.
  • Zone Two – This is a moderate water use zone in which all the plants should receive water on a semi-regular basis, especially as they are being established and during droughts.
  • Zone Three – Plants that cannot survive on their own during droughts and that need a lot of water should be planted here. Most of these plants tend to be colorful and lush, meaning this zone should be placed near your property’s entrance.

Plan your property’s landscape around these three zones in order to limit the use of water. For more information about landscaping around your property, contact Outdoor Expressions at 888-210-1116.  We’d love to help you create a lush and water-efficient landscape design!

Attractive Curb Appeal Can Attract Customers

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Even if you run the best business in town, you’re going to have a hard time attracting new business if the outside of your property isn’t maintained well.

From overgrown grass and withering plants to decaying tree branches and leaves strewn about, first impressions are everything. You certainly don’t want a potential customer having a bad image of you and your business before they even walk in the front door, right?

commercial landscapers in Atlanta

Developed by Concordia Properties, LLC. Image via Outdoor Expressions

A neat and tidy landscape is the first step to ensuring that visitors have a pleasant experience during their time with you. Even though weeds, litter and dried out mulch are not what your business is about, you could be losing business if your landscape is a turn off to others.

Give your metro Atlanta business a competitive edge by calling Outdoor Expressions at 888-210-1116. Our commercial landscape maintenance services will keep your customers coming back for more!

Making your outdoor space a place to remember.

Can Trees Really Help Your Business Save Money?

Posted on December 23rd, 2012 by
commercial landscaping

Trees add a soft touch and save money for property owners

Trees provide more than aesthetic value for your commercial property — the shade and shelter of trees benefits your bottom line. When the right species is located in the right place, trees can reduce heating and cooling costs for your building.

Both the USDA Forest Service and the Department of Agriculture report substantial energy savings from the strategic placement of trees to modify the environment around the building.

Deciduous trees shade windows in the summer, while the sun shines through the branches to warm the building in winter. A shelter belt of evergreen trees lessens the velocity of winter winds before they reach the building.

In addition to improved control of energy costs, the Arbor Day Foundation says that a landscaped commercial retail property attracts new business, and apartments are rented more quickly. Tenants willing to pay more, and stay longer, in a setting with trees.

Get in touch by phone or email, and let us at Outdoor Expressions help you realize the benefits of landscaping your commercial property.



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Happy Holidays from Outdoor Expressions

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The holidays are in full swing and hopefully you’ve gotten all your shopping out of the way. Now why don’t you take a minute to give yourself a present that can be enjoyed all year long?  Our blog is brand new and we’d love for you to take full advantage of all the latest information, gardening news and tips, landscaping trends, along with enjoying photos of breathtaking residential and commercial projects we’ve been involved in. Plus we love feedback and welcome your own gardening tips and stories under the “leave a comment” section.

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We Specialize in Commercial Landscape Management

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Image by Anna Williams Brooks, Arcadia Gardens, LLC via Houzz

The new year symbolizes new beginnings. Why not start 2013 right by resolving to beautify the landscape around your business? Commercial landscaping firms such as Outdoor Expressions offer a variety of services for businesses in need of some landscaping care. Not only that, a beautiful landscape can improve business, help control your energy costs, and improve employee productivity.

Landscape and irrigation installation
Whether you want a hand in the planning and execution of your landscape or you just want someone to take care of all the details, our landscape and irrigation specialists will see the project through to completion while keeping you informed along the way.

Landscape management
Our year-round landscape management service will ensure your landscape looks its best in all seasons. From watering and weeding to horticultural care and planning, we develop a custom management plan suited to your needs.

Hardscape construction
Entrance monuments, pavilions, patios, arbors and water features are some of our specialties when it comes to hardscape construction. We beautify your property with functional artistry using custom materials.

Landscape architecture
Our registered landscape architects and designers can help you realize your vision for your commercial space, from a simple lawn out front to an elaborate plan for your whole property.

If you want to start your new year with a fresh landscape surrounding your business in Georgia, feel free to contact Outdoor Expressions at 888-210-1116 for more information.

Reaping the Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

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The next time you’re driving around your city, notice the landscapes surrounding local businesses. It will be obvious to you which landscapes are installed, designed and/or maintained by professional commercial landscaping firms and which ones seem to be an afterthought. Professional landscapers take great pride in creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for residences and businesses alike, and Outdoor Expressions is no exception. Here are three of the many benefits professional landscaping can add to your business.

Curb appeal
A well-appointed landscape can improve your business, evoking a sense of pride and creating a welcoming environment from the moment your customers pull into the lot.

Go green
Professional landscapers take the environment into consideration when designing a landscape, from using native plants that require less water to planting for energy efficiency, soil conservation and the preservation of wildlife habitats.

Employee productivity
A recent study finds that employees who have green views outside their window and access to green spaces are more productive, have higher job satisfaction and experience fewer headaches and illnesses than employees without a green view.

To learn more about the benefits of professional landscaping in Georgia, please contact us at Outdoor Expressions.  We’ll be happy to make your outdoor space a place to remember.


Welcome to the New Outdoor Expressions Blog!

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From the Portfolio of Outdoor Expressions

Welcome to the brand new Outdoor Expressions blog. Outdoor Expressions is a custom landscape and hardscape design, installation and maintenance business located in metropolitan Atlanta.

What’s different about Outdoor Expressions? We do more than just create gorgeous landscaped and hardscaped spaces you will love; we make your outdoor space a place to remember. Outdoor spaces designed by Outdoor Expressions set the stage for creating memories that will last a lifetime – whether at your valued residential property, or your place of business.

Outdoor Expressions offers design/build services for landscape and hardscape for all types of residential and commercial clients throughout the southeast; and landscape management services to many satisfied clients in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Locally owned and operated, the Outdoor Expressions’ ownership has over 70 years of combined experience with extensive knowledge in all aspects of landscape and hardscape design and construction. We enjoy membership in the Community Association Institute (CAI); and the Georgia Urban Ag Council, Georgia’s professional green industry resource.

Outdoor Expressions Holly Springs Georgia

Cedar shake pavilions flanking a community entrance in Holly Springs, GA. Landscape and hardscape installation by Outdoor Expressions.

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